Walbro HELLCAT 525LPH F90000285 Fuel Pump - (Universal E85 Ethanol)

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Walbro fuel pumps are true OE-quality, you will need a Walbro high pressure fuel pump to properly support your vehicles engine if you do a lot of performance modification. Use these fuel pumps to provide fuel pressure needed to supply the engine under heavy loads of power! At Scarles we recommend any new turbo vehicle you get, the first few mods you want to do is a new fuel pump and a Sard regulator to ensure your vehicles fuel system is well taken care of. And when it comes to fuel pumps you cant go passed our ones which are direct from the factory in USA not a cheap Chinese knockoff or fake Walbro.

Fuel: GAS & E85
Horsepower: 900+ at 60PSI, naturally aspirated applications
Over All Pump Length: 131mm
Main Housing Diameter: 39mm
Lower Housing Diameter: 50mm
Fuel Inlet Diameter: 11mm OD
Fuel Outlet Diameter: 11mm OD
Flow Rate: 470lph @ 40psi (120+ gph)
Test Voltage: 13.5 Volts
Industry Tag: Walbro 525 – Hellcat Pump
Includes fitting kit