Turbosmart Fuel Filter AN10

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Turbosmart Fuel Filter 10 Microns for Racing & High performance vehicles.

Our filters is an inexpensive insurance policy to protect your engine. Designed to stand up to the destructive properties of alcohol fuels, including methanol and ethanol. High-flow 10-micron, cleanable element. Stands high flow with minimal pressure drop.

Turbosmart Billet Inline Fuel Filter 1.75" OD (45mm) and 3.825" (97mm) Long with AN-10 male inlet and outlet fittings. Comes with 10 micron washable stainless steel mesh cartridge filter. Anodized black.

• Dimensions: 1.75" OD (45mm) and 3.825" (97mm) Long
• AN-10 Male inlet and outlet fittings
• 10 Micron washable stainless steel mesh cartridge filter

• x1 Fuel Filter

Scarles are distributors of Nuke Performance products which come direct from Sweden. Check out their range at www.nukeperformance.com