Stainless Steel Bracket for Nuke Performance Fuel Filters 2pcs

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Stainless steel P-Clamp brackets for Nuke Performance Fuel Filter Slim. An affordable and simple solution for all types of installations.
For quick and easy mounting of Nuke Performance Slim-series fuel filters. For M6 Bolts, delivered in packages of two.

Safe installation for all type of vehicles
Perfect fitment for Fuel Filter Slim series
Rubber inserts for minimal vibrations
Stainless steel M6 P-Clamps

Delivered in packages of 2pcs. Fits M6 bolts. The clamps fit units with an outer diameter of 51-55mm (2.00" - 2.16"). If you prefer a more tidy look and a more easily assembled unit, check our Universal Bracket with fuel filter inserts. The most lightweight and safe installation available for an in-line fuel filter. Also available for dual assembly.
Single Universal Bracket Part # : 950-01-201
Dual Universal Bracket Part # : 950-02-201
Bracket insert for fuel filters Part # : 960-01-102

Quantity : 2pcs