GReddy Front Facing Plenum Nissan PS13 factory throttle

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GReddy Front Facing Plenum Nissan PS13 factory throttle

S-Chassis fans fear not, Scarles has braved the long and treacherous trip to the land of the rising sun and brought back performance goodies for all! We've got genuine GReddy Front Facing Plenums for Nissan Silvia S13 SR20DET ready for you to install so you can snatch those allusive JDM street creds.

The GReedy Front Facing Plenum is designed to maximize performance in highly tuned street and race engines by increasing airflow into their engine and improving mid to high RPM range power.  The fine cast-aluminium intake manifolds allow for large volumes of airt to get evenly distributed to each cylinder.  This is a must do upgrade if you’re considering a turbo upgrade allowing you to run even higher boost, mmmm more booooost…



* Increase Boost and Response

* Improve mid to high RPM Power

* Cast aluminium, high volume



* Nissan

* Car Model: Silvia S 13

* Car Year: 1989-94

* Chassis: S chassis

* Engine: SR20DET

Scarles has a unique range of Japanese aftermarket and JDM products being introduced, ask us for more details if there is something specific you are after.