GKTECH Clear SR20DET Cas Cover

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Scarles is proud to be a stockist of world famous brand of GKTECH direct from the GKTECH factory. We have a large range in stock but can get ANY part you require from GKTECH within a few days if we don't stock it. Check out there site for their entire catalogue. www.Gktech.com

- Direct replacement of the standard item
- Light weight
- Durable design for the roughest conditions
- Designed for race use
- CAS not included
- Gasket not included (optional)

A common problem with the SR20DET is the CAS cover gasket is often damaged or has expanded with age.
Nissan don't sell the CAS cover gasket on its own which means to replace this part you'd need to buy a complete new CAS at a cost of $600+
We have made our own replacement specific to the Nissan SR20DET RWD motors to ensure that dirt and debris stays out of your CAS and keeps your engine running optimally.