PSM Rear Camber Arms for Z33 350Z, Z34 370Z, G35, G37

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Parts Shop Max Rear Camber Arms for Z33 350Z, Z34 370Z, G35, G37

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~ Rear lower control arm adjusts camber
~ Can be adjusted longer OR shorter than stock.
**Installation tip: If planning to run zero camber, it will be necessary to remove the hex jam nuts from the adjusters.
This will allow you to further shorten the arm and achieve less negative camber.
You can rely on the clamping feature of our adjusters instead of the jam nuts to hold your adjustment in place.
If you are planning to lengthen the arms more for extreme negative camber, you should leave the hex jam nuts in place.
Utilize the hex jam nuts AND the clamping feature together to keep your adjustment set in place.
~ lifetime manufacturers defect warranty
~ All steel tubular construction
~ Teflon lined spherical bearings
~ Forged Clamping rod end receiver
~ Forged Clamping double-threaded adjuster makes double sure your settings never come loose
~ Super long adjuster threads have the most thread overlap and more adjustability than anything on the market
~ Adjuster away from the subframe, on the knuckle side for easier adjustments
~ Bell-shaped high surface area pillow ball side spacers reinforce subframe mount & give freedom of PB motion
~ Laser-cut reinforced mounting bracket