PSM IS300 Super Angle Knuckle Brackets & Outer Tie Rods

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Parts Shop Max IS300 Super Angle Knuckle Brackets & Outer Tie Rods

*Please check Parts shop max Website listing for important install-info.*
Billet Ackerman adjustable super angle knuckle bracket replaces the OEM 2 bolt ball joint and outer tie rods.
You can get 70 degrees of angle when all of our front-end parts are used together with this set however, it's possible to install separately without our complete set although you won't get all the angle, clearance & optimized alignment weve engineered into this 3D laser scanned CAD modeled set.
If you use that full set, use a 17x9+15 with 235 tire with a 50mm+ wide body kit or 17x7+0 works as well for 10mm extra outside clearance, 17x7+50 OEM has 60mm extra outside clearance, 17x7.5+20 has 24mm outer clearance & 17x8+25 has 22mm outer clearance versus our favorite 17x9+15.
JZX100 note, the two bolt spacing on the bottom of the knuckle is different, so this won't bolt on. It may be possible to use this part with an IS300 front knuckle, hub, and brakes.