PSM is300 Sub Frame Risers, solid bushing set

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PSM IS300 Sub Frame Risers, solid bushing set

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A solid bushing set improves roll center and camber/toe gain by raising up the inboard suspension mounting points on the subframe.
This also improves the axle joint angle on lowered cars, prolonging their life.
Spacers are provided in case you need to keep the subframe in the original position if rules in your racing series demand that. Check the gallery for install photos.
This CNC lathed, Anodized aluminum parts set was designed with consideration of the variation that exists when we 3D laser scanned and probed in multiple chassis and subframes, for optimized fitment and ease of installation considering OEM chassis and sub-frame manufacturing tolerances. This set fits perfectly without a press needed due to our precision measurements & manufacturing. These are great to install with our aluminum solid diff bushings, sold separately.
Some people with older cars actually get less noise from the drivetrain because they didn't realize just how bad the original bushings had become despite solid mounts naturally transmitting more noise than rubber.