PSM IS300 Extended Inner Tie Rods

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Parts Shop Max IS300 Extended Inner Tie Rods

Sold in pairs
~ Chromoly rod
~ spherical bearing joint
~ 5.5mm built-in spacer for extra rack throw
~ M14p1.50 rack threads
~ 296mm from rack shaft to the end of the M14p1.50 75mm long thread.
**This extended length tie rod is for use with our cross member center section (no rack to ITR offsetter), our extended FLCA, LimitBreak Outer tie rod end / super angle knuckle bracket, or other applications that can handle the length of this ITR.
It's OK to cut the 75mm length threads that go into the outer tie rod to achieve toe alignment on shorter track-width cars or when used with ITR offsetters.
Just measure for your unique needs if you don't plan to have our complete front-end set (all sold separately).
***We limited the OEM ITR travel (18 degrees vs. 28 center to max) to double the shaft size for strength, so this should be combined with Coilover suspension only.