PSM Inner Tie rods for 94+ FD RX7 and Toyota GT86/FRS

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Parts shop max Inner Tie rods for 94+ FD RX7 and Toyota GT86/FRS

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When equipped with our extended front lower arms and our forged knuckle, you need longer tie rods.
These 298mm long Chromoly tie rods fit FD3S RX7 manufactured 04/1994 and up.
They also fit the FRS/BRZ/GT86/GR86 steering rack.
~Strong CrMo construction with spherical bearing inner joints.
~m16p1.5 rack threads
~ 7mm built-in rack spacers give more rack travel and a noticeable increase in steering angle
~ 7mm longer rack threads guarantee proper thread engagement into the rack
~ 20mm longer threads on the tie rod end
~ 298 millimeters from the end of the rack to the end of tie rod thread designed for use with extended track width only.
**Does not attach to the offset rack spacers in our FRS angle kit. Only use these if you are not using offset spacers, for example, if you have a relocated rack.