PSM FRS,BRZ Front lower arm set (Without Knuckles)

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FRS,BRZ Front lower Control Arms, tension rod, Swaybar link, subframe reinforcement set, inner and outer tie rods, rackspacer (WITHOUT KNUCKLES)

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~ Adjustable length Front Lower Control Arms
~ Adjustable Tension Rods for caster/wheelbase adjustment
~ Spherical bearing sway bar links attached to LCA instead of coilover
~ Spherical bearing Outer tie rods
~ MAX CrMo S14 Nissan Inner tie rods
~ Rack to inner tie rod offset 36mm FORWARD spacers
~ Subframe notch weld in cover plates
~ High angle top plate spherical bearing spacer for max coilover owners.
*** This set allows a more useable angle to people who already have our knuckles, but at this price, the knuckle is NOT included. If you dont already have the knuckle, get the full front end set.
*** The only reason we are making this front end set available without the essential knuckle is because our aftermarket knuckle is compatible with the OEM arm to get a conservative increase in angle on a smaller budget without buying the front lower parts set complete.
Although the knuckle alone on the OEM arm does require our Outer Tie Rod for installation without this set.
*Please look through the gallery for installation details for this set that does require some cutting and welding*