PSM E36 FLCA Frame Reinforcement

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Parts shop max E36 FLCA Frame Reinforcement

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Weld-in laser cut .120" frame rail reinforcement plates & .050" CNC press brake bent steel cover plate set cures the fact that all E36 front lower control arm's 2 bolt thread boss is held in with two parallel OEM stitch welds as the only attachment to the thin sheet metal within the frame rail. This OEM weld is not accessible from the outside.
Without reinforcement, the female thread boss can flex and then rip out with high grip and high steering angle mods, especially with the added leverage from increased track width (needed for angle clearance) placed upon this OEM mount.
We 3D scanned the chassis inside and out to provide a very reasonably priced and well-engineered solution to save fabricators time and enthusiasts' repair costs before it's too late.
E36 is unlike E46 which has the 2 bolt front lower control arm to frame rail mounts at a 90-degree state of rotation which is better suited to handle the direction of stress, especially with our angle kit's caster bracket which has 3 chassis mounting points.