PSM Competition Coilovers for s14-s15 240sx and Silvia 10kg F 8kg R

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Parts Shop Max Competition Coilovers for s14-s15 240sx and Silvia 10kg F 8kg R

New for 2022 - Ultra high range adjustable damper allows for the use of any spring up to 50kg without rebuilding and retuning.
Competition coilovers are short for a low ride height.
These have many of the best things you have come to expect from our brand like front and rear pillow ball upper mounts, lightweight aluminum brackets, and full tap independent pre-load and ride-height adjustability.
They also have high-quality components and a robust damper. - The competition front top plate adjusts camber only while the Pro model adds caster adjustment as well.
- 10kg/mm front spring rates, and 8kg/mm rear spring rates give you a great steering response, with good rear grip that's controllable past the limit in drifting.
- Fully threaded damper & lower mount allows vehicle height to be adjusted independent of the spring preload
- Custom spring rates are available to special order (4-50kg)
- Pillow ball upper mount on front AND REAR allows you to change track width without binding the coilovers. Perfect for use with extended lower arms.
- Spring top hat provides independence between the spring and the pillow-ball
- Lightweight anodized aluminum front and rear mounts, collars, perches. - Urethane bushing rear lower mount
- Laser lettering on the damper threads for easily matching adjustments on left and right sides.
- Smooth upper damper body is designed to seal against our airbag o-rings. Upgrade any time. - Progressive bump stop.