Prosport Boost Gauge Basic SERIES 52mm

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Prosport™ Mechanical Boost Gauge - Basic Faced Series

Any modified vehicle with forced induction needs to have the option to be able to quickly see the air pressure currently entering the engine. The best way to do this is with a boost gauge. These are quality Prosport™ mechanical boost gauges that are 2 inches in diameter and the boost / vacuum line fits directly into the back of this gauge.

• Taps into the vaccuum system of any turbo or super charged vehicle whether its Petrol or Diesel
• Gauge face shows -30 VAC to 30 PSI
• 52mm Gauge (2" diameter)
• Illuminates when wired up
• Mechanical boost gauge
• Reads up to 30PSI
• 12 Month Warranty

• Mechanical Boost Gauge
• Mounting hardware ( Mounting cup not included)
• Clear Vacuum Hose
• Vacuum T-Adaptor
• Instructions.

Scarles™ has a huge range of various gauges for your vehicle, whether you need to measure your water temp, oil pressure or exhaust temperature we have you covered.