Parts Shop Max IS300 Caster Arms *SCARLES*

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Parts Shop Max IS300 Caster Arms

Pair of adjustable spherical bearing mounted caster arms for Lexus IS300 and Altezza.
Increases tire clearance for up to 70 degrees of angle when used with our front set & settings.
TIG welded solid rod, CNC solid steel OEM style 2 bolt connection, CNC clamping rod end receiver, PTFE lined maintenance free 22id spherical bearing in forged rod end with clamping double threaded adjuster that allows on-car caster change when you loosen the 2 bolts to the FLCA. Contrary to popular belief the caster is adjustable due to the hole diameter in the FLCA where a small change in this inboard mount moves the outer ball joint quite a bit.
Tighten the 2 bolts and clamping adjustments to finalize the caster setting change.