Parts Shop Max Handbrake set - Base Structure, hardware & Fixed length hardware

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PSM Handbrake set - Base Structure, hardware & Fixed length hardware

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Standard Handbrake set
~ Base Structure, hardware with fixed length handle included
~ Super Light Compact Laser cut steel structure with fixed length handle already installed.
~ Master Cylinder mounts on the front.
~ Black Chrome finish
~ Compact design requires shortened master cylinder rod (the Wilwood MC that we sell is already shortened and compatible)
~ Adjustable friction nylon slip rings for setting the handle to the perfect smoothness and tension. Tighten allen head bolt and nut to reduce side to side play. Fine tune by loosening to allow smooth operation without binding
~ CNC aluminum clevis with gold anodized finish
~ Bump stop & master cylinder hardware included
~ Weld on universal installation requires tranny tunnel reinforcement ~ Accepts any 7/8" bike or moto grip
~ 17" height off the tranny tunnel
**Handbrake sets with master cylinders and/or handles will be assembled for you prior to shipping. PLease give us a coupld of business days to prepare your shipment. Contact us if urgent**