Parts Shop Max FRS BRZ GT86 Rear Drop Knuckle & Upper Control Arm Set

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Parts Shop Max FRS BRZ GT86 Rear Drop Knuckle & Upper Control Arm Set

Scarles is now the Home of Parts Shop Max!

Set comes with a pair of rear drop knuckles and a pair of adjustable rear upper control arms. Correct suspension geometry on lowered cars OR use this to go even lower if your coilovers are already maxed out low!

**This set must be paired with MAX Toe rods (Toe is sold separately since they're also compatible with the OEM knuckle).**

The OEM RUCA ball joint gets maxed out when the car is lowered, and it's downward facing hardware would run into the axle in our drop knuckle so the joint orientation is completely changed in our knuckle/arm set. Our design will allow your suspension to droop and compress without binding like the stock suspension would.
You can add a little more negative camber or take out a lot for superior drifting traction & tire wear (-10mm to +50mm length Upper arms). The 30mm roll center corrected drop knuckle restores handling geometry lost on lowered cars & has caliper options like our front knuckles. This set features 10 low torque, maintenance free, PTFE lined spherical bearings. Fork connections bolted onto the robust knuckle casting is an easily replaceable, intentional focal point for crash energy.

Drop knuckles will lower the rear of the car. So if you do not want a low ride height, you will need to be sure that you can lengthen your coilovers.