Parts shop Max Competition Coilovers for AE86 Corolla and Levin 8kg F 6kg R

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Parts shop max Competition Coilovers for AE86 Corolla and Levin 8kg F 6kg R

Scarles is now the Home of Parts Shop Max!

COMPETITION true coil-over-damper set key features: Eliminate your separate rear spring and shock. Install our true rear coilovers for easier tuning and adjustability!
Aggressively tuned for drifting at low ride height.
Our classic Competition coil overs for AE86 are specially designed to be shorter to allow low ride height without having to place a custom order. Spring rates are 8kg/mm in the front, 6kg/mm in the rear standard.
Dampers are tuned aggressively to work well even at low ride heights.
Perfect for those that seek a low/stylish car that still performs at the track!
1) Low ride height ability
2) Fully threaded damper & lower mount allows vehicle height to be adjusted independently of the spring preload and without using a helper spring. We suggest Zero spring preload.
3) Large range of rebound adjustment is available at the turn of a knob on the top of each damper
4) Allows very noticeable full soft to full hard damping change in just 12 clicks
5) Replaceable & Custom Tunable Damper
6) Custom spring rates are available to special order with a proper damper tune (4-32kg) Contact us for spring and tuning options.
7) Low torque pillow ball top mounts front and rear
8) Spring upper perch provides independence between the spring and the pillow-ball
9) Billet T6061 lightweight aluminum Lower mounts with rear lower urethane bushing
10) All aluminum components are hard anodized
11) Front Camber plates with long slots for lots of camber adjustability.
12) 2 collar wrenches are included
13) Lifetime manufacturer defect warranty
~ True coil-over damper rear conversion
~ *requires welding on the front lower mounts to your spindle & rear upper mount bearing housing welds to the OEM rear upper mount.