Parts Shop Max BRZ FRS GT86 Super Angle Knuckles

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Parts shop max BRZ FRS GT86 Super Angle Knuckles w/Roll Center correction, Ackerman Adjust, Caliper Options

Scarles is now the Home of Parts Shop Max!

45mm Roll Center, 6 way ackerman Adjustable, 60* Max Steering Angle when combined with the full front parts set, Two caliper mounting options built in:
1. OEM caliper, OEM rotor
2. Z32 4 piston caliper (we sell a 100% new loaded pair for $300) 05-09 Legacy GT rotor (316x30mm $15 generic to $85ea for stoptech on rock auto).
12.5mm reduced coilover mounting depth gives -1.5 degree camber ability. Comes with 24pcs ackerman plates (6 settings X 4 pieces each setting). To get all the additional steering angle you need to combine this with our front parts set less the knuckle.
*Not compatible with OEM outer tie rod ends. Drifters may use this knuckle and our outer tie rod end for 46* of max steering angle on an otherwise stock car (OEM angle is 35*).
Grip drivers not seeking additional steering angle and not purchasing the full front lower parts set but still desiring the roll center handling benefit by bolting the knuckle to their OEM arms will also need to buy our outer tie rod ends for $200/pair in order to connect to the OEM inner tie rod. **17" inner wheel barrels are close and vary in shape which could require removal of some washers on the FLCA taper and or outer tie rod end and grinding the excess thread. OTR bolt is recommended to be hex down and thread on top for the same reason.