Parts Shop Max 2006+ Z33 & Z34 Speed Sensitive Power Steering Delete Fitting

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Parts Shop Max 2006+ Z33 & Z34 Speed Sensitive Power Steering Delete

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Smooth out your power steering feel AND make clearance for a rack forward relocation mod.
The OEM speed-sensitive power steering solenoid bypasses the hydraulic assist pressure and diverts it back to the reservoir which makes steering more difficult, however in drift cars with double the steering angle, the leverage of the shortened knuckle makes it harder to steer and it requires more than the usual level of power steering assist force to easily and precisely control the car.
In motor swapped situations if you simply unplug the solenoid there is no variable of speed but you're stuck at some level of limp mode assist that's not 100% so when you use our solenoid delete fitting, you get full power steering all the time which is perfect for drifting.
Sold individually.
*Unless you grind a 27mm wrench down to 5mm width it's pretty hard to get the solenoid off so we spot welded the housing to the base and then it's removed pretty easily by turning the housing that's normally free to spin.
Installation of the fitting is a snap, just get a little steering fluid on the O-rings & tighten it down. *This is required before you can mount the rack into our upcoming rack forward cross member center section for engine mount clearance.