Nylon Turbo Feed Braided Hose AN-3

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When you have a new turbo you need to run a oil line into the turbo. You don't want to risk getting a low quality hose, aftermarket cheap rubber hose that could easily split and destroy your vehicle in seconds if a fire starts. You need quality when you are fitting an oil feed line to your kit and we have the right solution. This braided nylon hose is sold per 100mm so you can get the exact size for your vehicle that you require. Braided hose lines are required when you are running an aftermarket turbo in your vehicle or needing to upgrade from factory metal lines to braided (which is much more durable and flexible then that of standard lines)

* -3 A/N (3AN or Dash 3 Oil feed line) similar to -4 sizing
* The correct size to feed your aftermarket turbo oil
* Sold per 100mm pieces
* Full braided hose line
* PTFE Hose inside the nylon ( more durable than stainless steel )
* Also known as Turbo feed line or braided hose
* High-temperature Resistance
* Custom turbo lines soon to be available from us at Scarles