Nuke Stainless Steel Fuel Filter Slim 10 micron AN-8

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Nuke Performance high flow inline slim-series fuel filters, available with 10 and 100-micron filter elements in both cellulose and stainless steel. Slim design to fit installations where space is an issue.
This lightweight in-line high-flow fuel filter, with its new improved light-weight design, is equipped with either a classic cellulose filter element for petrol or with the unique Nuke Performance welded fuel filter insert that is 100% proof for alcoholic fuels such as ethanol.

 Lightweight slim-design motorsports in-line fuel filter
 Safe for all type of fuels, including ethanol and methanol
 Available with welded stainless steel filter elements
 Now with AN-10 ORB, for the highest possible flow
 Over 60 sq. inches of filtering area
 750 LPH, high flow with close to no flow loss
 Available with both 10 and 100-micron inserts

The Nuke Performance Slim-series fuel filters are suitable for those with high demands for fuel flow and maximum filtration. The Nuke Performance high-quality fuel filters act like a affordable insurance that protects your engine and should never be overlooked, without proper filtration it does not take long before something goes very wrong in your setup.

Nuke Performance Fuel Filter Slim 10 / 100 micron AN-10 Specifications
For more information about specifications, contact us directly.

 10-micron cellulose Part # 200-02-201 (insert # 200-10-101)
 10-micron stainless steel Part # 200-02-203 (insert # 200-10-105)
 100-micron stainless steel Part # 200-02-202 (insert # 200-10-102)
 Fuel compatibility Gasoline, Methanol, Ethanol, Diesel*
 Length 144mm (5.67")
 Diameter Ø 55mm (2.16”)
 Inlet thread AN-10 ORB, view range
 Outlet thread AN-10 ORB, view range
 Weight 450g - 750g (0.9-1.6lb)*
 Filter area 60 sq. in
 Work pressure / Max pressure 8 BAR (116 PSI) / 21 BAR (305 PSI)
 Flow capacity 750 LPH
 Pressure drop ≈0.15 BAR (≈2.17 PSI)

 * depending on fuel filter version


 Nuke Performance Fuel Filter Slim 10 / 100 micron AN-10 Includes:
1 x Fuel Filter housing with AN-10 ORB threads
1 x Fuel Filter insert of choice

 Product update 2021 :
To satisfy our customers' wishes, our fuel filters are now delivered with AN-10 ORB threads. Larger range of fittings (view AN-10 ORB range) and even higher flow.