Nuke Performance Oil Catch Can 750mL Baffled

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Nuke Performance universal 0,75 liter Oil Catch Can with stainless steel internal baffling and 300-micron filtered outlet.

Universal dual inlet Oil Catch Can with internal baffling and with a unique 300 micron filtered outlet port. Dual AN-10 inlet with AN-10 male fittings included. Dual filtration breather for competition, motorsports and tuning usage for any kind of vehicle that is in need of a crankcase gas catch can. Everything is included for single or dual inlet and atmospheric and recirculating setup.

Dual AN-10 inlets, choose between single and dual
Anodized dip stick for easy reading of level
Recirculating / Atmospheric setup, all fittings included
Made in Sweden
300-micron filter and stainless steel internal baffling
1/4 G drainage outlet for fast and easy drainage

Technical information :
• CNC macufactured from aluminium alloy 6082.
• Delivered with three AN-10 fittings, one AN-10 plug, one outlet fitting for atmospheric use and 1/4 drainage plug.
• Anodized finish for long lasting function and corrosion free appearance.
• 300 micron stainless steel cleanable / replaceable filter disc and stainless steel internal baffling.
• Laserengraved.

Measurements :
Height : 162 mm
Width : 90 mm
Depth : 106,4 mm
Weight : 1000 g
* All measurements excluding the supplied or optional fittings.