Nuke Fuel Line Gauge Adaptor

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Place our Fuel Pressure Gauge anywhere along the fuel line, fits all gauges with 1/8npt thread. The Nuke Performance fuel pressure gauge adaptor lets you place the gauge anywhere you want along the fuel line.

With this unique Gauge adaptor, you are able to place any type of fuel pressure gauge or fuel temperature or fuel pressure sensor anywhere along the AN fuel line. Easy access to check your fuel pressure has never been easier.

Delivered with 2x AN-8 to AN-8 Male (3/4 UNF) fittings, AN-6 and AN-10 are sold as optional to make it easy to mount on any fuel system setup.
AN-6 Male Partno: 700-01-101
AN-8 Male Partno: 700-01-103

Use together with the Nuke Performance 0-100 PSI and 0-7 BAR Fuel Pressure Gauge.
Partno: 310-01-101

Quantity : 1pc

Technical information :
• 1/8″ NPT thread, fits directly with Nuke Performance fuel pressure gauge.
• Billet aluminum 6082-T6.
• Internal diameter of 17,5mm which does not affect the fuel flow.
• Delivered with 2x AN8 to AN8 Male 3/4 UNF fittings.
• AN-8 3/4 UNF Ports, available to AN-6, AN-8 or AN-10 line.
• Laserengraved.

Measurements :
Width : 50 mm
Height : 30 mm
Depth : 35 mm
Thread : 1/8" NPT
Weight : 80 g

* All measurements excluding the supplied fittings.