Nuke Fuel Filter 100 Microns Slim

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Nuke Performance high flow inline slim-series fuel filters, available with 10 and 100-micron filter elements in both cellulose and stainless steel. Slim design to fit installations where space is an issue.
This lightweight in-line high-flow fuel filter, with its new improved light-weight design, is equipped with either a classic cellulose filter element for petrol or with the unique Nuke Performance welded fuel filter insert that is 100% proof for alcoholic fuels such as ethanol.

Lightweight slim-design motorsports in-line fuel filter
Safe for all type of fuels, including ethanol and methanol
Available with welded stainless steel filter elements
Now with AN-10 ORB, for the highest possible flow
Over 60 sq. inches of filtering area
750 LPH, high flow with close to no flow loss
Available with both 10 and 100-micron inserts

The Nuke Performance Slim-series fuel filters are suitable for those with high demands for fuel flow and maximum filtration. The Nuke Performance high-quality fuel filters act like a affordable insurance that protects your engine and should never be overlooked, without proper filtration it does not take long before something goes very wrong in your setup.

Technical information :
• Aluminium extrusion 6062-T6.
• AN-10 ORB threads in both ends, updated 2021.
• Available with 10-mic / 100-mic inserts.
• Laserengraved.

Measurements :
Length : 190 mm *
Diameter : 54 mm
Weight : 450g - 750g (0.9-1.6lb) depending on version.

Update 2021 : To satisfy our customers´wishes, our fuel filters are now delivered with AN-10 ORB threads. Larger range of fittings and even higher fuel flow, up to 750LPH.