Nuke ATL Saver Cell fuel cell 45L Well Cell with CFC Unit Single

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*NOTE* Currently is an order in product from Nuke In Sweden. Takes Roughly 3-4 weeks to order in

ATL Saver Cells is lightweight FIA FT3 -1999 approved fuel cells for all major racing and motorsports associations.
The well-known Saver Cells, constructed from a unique, tough plastic alloy, in combination with the Nuke Performance CFC Unit - drop-in fuel pump hanger with integrated surge tank functionality. Safe and easy, this is the optimal "all in one" solution for all motorsports applications.

- FIA FT3-1999 approved fuel cell
- Available in several sizes, for all needs
- Integrated 2 liter Fuel Surge Tank function
- Full foam baffling for petrol and E85
- Fits single or dual high-pressure fuel pumps
- New high-profile CFC Unit that fits all ATL fuel cells
- Low profile fuel filler cap with integrated roll-over valve
- AN-10 ORB outlet / AN-8 ORB return

Technical information :
• Optional aluminum light weight container.
• Delivered without top plate, ready for the CFC Unit.
• 24 bolt pattern 6x10" fill plate fitment.
• Delivered with the Nuke Performance CFC Unit.
• FIA / FT3-1999 approved.
• Safe for E85, but need to be drained when stored.
• Modifications need to be performed prior to CFC Unit installation.
• No fuel pumps is included.

Included in the package :
1 x Nuke Performance CFC Unit
1 x ATL Saver Cell
1 x Fuel Pump Fitting kit to suit single pump with 7-8.2mm outlet

45 liter "Well Cell" Part #: 150-08-554
- Diameter: 553mm (21.77”)
- Height: 227mm (8.93”)
- Weight: 9.2kg (20.28lb), including ATL CFC Unit
- Fuel capacity: 45-liter (11.88 gallons)
- Container Part #: No container available