VCT Oil Feed Kit for Nissan RB30DET

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Franklin Performance is proud to manufacture and supply a special purpose oil feed kit for RB25 VCT heads when used as part of an RB30DE or RB30DET build.

The kit provides an oil feed to the #1 cam journal and to the VCT actuator used to activate the variable cam timing of the intake cam. Taking advantage of the VCT system on the engine provides horsepower gains and can help reduce turbo spool up times.

The standard RB25 blocks have a specific oil feed cast into them for feeding the VCT system but the older RB30 blocks do not, hence the need for an external oil feed such as this kit. The external oil feed is intended to be sourced from a sandwich plate or tee'd into the oil pressure sender port on the block.

The kit is applicable to Nissan Skyline R33 RB25DE and RB25DET heads with VCT and also later RB25DE and RB25DET Neo heads from R34 vehicles.

The kit is comprised of:

21" -3AN braided hose
1x custom elbow fitting
2x -3 x 1/8"NPT adaptors
1x 1/16" NPT pipe bung
1x 1.4mm orifice restrictor

The kit is included with full installation instructions. For installation 1/16"NPT and 1/8"NPT threads are required to be tapped into the head.