Genuine Crank Timing Gear Front Plate for Nissan RB25, RB20, CA18

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Genuine Nissan crank timing belt pulley front plate.


  • S13 Silvia CA18DE
  • S13 Silvia CA18DET
  • A31 Cefiro RB20E
  • C32 Laurel RB20E
  • ​C33 Laurel RB20E
  • ​C33 Laurel RD28
  • ​C34 Laurel RB25DE
  • ​C34 Laurel RB20DE
  • ​C34 Laurel RB20E
  • ​C34 Laurel RB25DET
  • ​C35 Laurel RB20DE
  • ​C35 Laurel RB25DE
  • ​C35 Laurel RB25DET
  • ​R32 Skyline RB20E
  • ​R32 Skyline RB25DE
  • ​R32 Skyline RB20DET
  • ​R32 Skyline RB20DE
  • R33 Skyline RB20E
  • R33 Skyline RB25DE
  • R33 Skyline RB25DET
  • R34 Skyline RB20DE
  • R34 Skyline RB25DE
  • R34 Skyline RB25DET
  • WC34 Stagea RB20E
  • WC34 Stagea RB20DE
  • WC34 Stagea RB25DE
  • ​WC34 Stagea RB25DET
  • Y60 Patrol GQ RD28T
  • Y61 Patrol GU RD28Ti

Note - This product may not be supplied in Nissan packaging, but rest assured it is Genuine Nissan. These parts are supplied in bulk bags, which we split up for sale to our customers.