K&N Breather Filters 10mm to 13mm 62-1600RD - Red

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K&N air breather filter - 10mm - 13mm inter diameter ( can be inverted for fitment from 10mm to 13mm )

Oil Breather filters look like tiny pod filters and are suitable for oil catch cans and coming from the engine breathing system on top of the motor. You can recognise these pipes as they at pieces sticking out the side or top of the motor looping back around into the motor or into your intake system. Simply measure the outside diameter of the pipe and then choose the correct breather size you need!

• Advanced polyurethane filter construction for extra lightweight and durability.
• Made from a very high quality & unique urethane breathing material. 
• Strong galvanised steel mesh coated with bright Epoxy.
• Dimensions 
- Height 1.75 in (44 mm)
- Outside Diameter 2 in (51 mm)
• 12 Month Warranty

• x1 Breather Filter

Scarles™ has a massive range of air intake products ranging from pod filter adapters to pod filters to aluminium intake pipes. We have you covered when it comes to your engine.