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The GKTECH Super Lock combo is designed for those that are looking for a combo to get everything at once, install it and dial it in with some seat time.
Below if a brief explanation of the products in this combo, however, more information can be seen in the links provided;

Super Lock Chromoly LCA's
The Super Lock LCA's are only available in the one length which at its minimum length starts at +25mm over OEM and adjust out to +50mm from OEM.

Steering Angle Kit
This kit bolts straight up to the OEM knuckle, is lightweight yet robust and offers 30% faster steering, around 60 degrees of lock and now with adjustable ackerman it is literally almost too good to be true, but … it is!

Bolt on rack spacer?
If you are looking for more steering lock then bolt on rack spacers are required. If you aren't looking for more steering lock and you're using your car for grip racing then rack spacers are not required.

Inner Tie rods
Depending on whether you run rack spacers or not and also the length that you set the LCA at you will need different length inner tie rods. We have made 14mm tie inner tie rods that had enough adjustment to suit any configuration with our LCA's/knuckles.

Front Upper camber arms?
If purchasing our front lower control arms, they will push the bottom of the wheel out, resulting in more negative camber.

Our upper camber arms allow adjustment of the upper arm, fixing that issue. As well as eliminating the OEM rubber bushes, which allow zero flex and have zero chill when in operation. These are replaced with super smooth rose joints, allowing the arm to operate on its correct pane!

The GKTech V2 FUCA's allow for both camber caster and adjustment and new to the V2's is that they are adjustable in situ which will save you a load in setup costs.

Vehicle Compatibility:
- Nissan Z33 350z
- Nissan V35 Skyline