Fuel Log Collector 4P 1x Walbro GSL392 1x Nuke filter

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Fuel Log Collector 4P 1x Walbro GSL392 1x Nuke filter

To effectively as possibly accommodate all functions of a developed fuel system setup without compromising quality or performance.

Our Fuel Log is developed to handle dual fuel pumps, dual Nuke Performance fuel filters or in combination with one fuel filter and one fuel pump. Designed to work perfectly with our Universal Bracket. Makes a solution you can rely on in any situation.

100% E85 Proof
Combines two units into one fuel line
Lightweight motorsports fuel log
AN-8 fittings included
Made in Sweden
For Bosch 044 fuel pumps and more

Available for several setups:
100-10-202 : Collector for 2x Bosch 044 style Fuel Pump
100-10-204 : Collector for 1x Bosch 044 and 1x Nuke Fuel Filter Slim
100-10-203 : Collector for 2x TiA Walbro GSL392 Fuel Pump
100-10-205 : Collector for 1x TiA Walbro GSL392 and 1x Nuke Fuel Filter Slim
100-10-206 : Collector for 2x Nuke Fuel Filter Slim

Technical information :
• CNC manufactured from aluminum alloy 6063.
• Anodized for lasting performance and finish.
• Delivered with 1x 3/4 AN-8 and 1x 3/4 Plug.
• Comes with all adapters needed for chosen setup.
• Laserengraved.

Measurements :
Height : 36 mm
Width : 144 mm
Depth : 33 mm
Weight : 229 g

* All measurements including the supplied fittings.