FD3S RX7 Subframe Reinforcement Plates

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Parts shop max FD3S RX7 Subframe Reinforcement Plates

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Weld on these uncoated 1/8” steel plates to reinforce the very weak Mazda subframe. This is an absolute necessity when preparing your car for our LimitBreak front end set because of the additional forces leveraged upon the inboard pickup points by adding track width & steering angle.
Our very adjustable FLCA allows for locking out the OEM alignment slots, but for added versatility, we include two holes per plate. Hardware is included to replace the unreliable OEM eccentric bolts.
** Samberg engine swap subframes must also be locked out & reinforced so select that option after adding to cart. ~Note: These are sent as bare flat steel plates. The installer must bend into proper shape to fit the subframe contour. Weld-in installation.