Boss Kit HKB Mazda Familia 323 BF BG

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HKB Japanese Mazda Familia 323 BF BG Boss Kit

HKB Japan is known worldwide as having the best quality boss kits in the market. When you purchase an aftermarket steering wheel you will be needing a boss kit so that you can use your steering wheel on your vehicle. You need to unbolt your factory steering wheel from your vehicle and place this boss kit in the place of your steering wheel and it should fit on snug. Once the boss kit is on you can bolt on the aftermarket steering wheel.

* HKB Boss Kits Fit: Mazda MPV LVEW, Capella 1979-1992, Cosmo HB, Spectron SS, Sentia MS-9, Familia BD, BF, BG 3-8, Festive DA, D23-25, Proceed Mavie UV/US, Probe 1ZVT (Normal), Bongo Wagon BA2, SR/S/D, Eunos 100/300/500/800, Luce HB & HC, Revue DB, Roadstar NA6CE and NA8C
* This kit is for non airbag vehicles
* High quality genuine HKB Boss Kit
* Casted to perfection
* Direct fitment

Included with the Boss Kit:
* Steering Wheel HUB Adapter (BOSS HUB)
* Wires to connect the horn
* Bolts and Allen Key

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