BC BR Series (BC Gold) Street/Track Coilovers

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BC - BR GOLD's - Sports Adjustable Coilovers are an advanced well produced alternative to the many Brands in our market today sharing features much more advanced than the competion.The BR GOLD range is BC 's Flagship Model offering the ultimate in Performance and Reliability in our demanding Road conditions. 

BC Suspension are World Wide Known and are well Established in the Motor Sport World wide. 

These have been proven in NZ for a number of years and are preferred choice of suspension for Track users. 
These are also Compliance Certification Friendly.

The BR Range Features a very large 53mm Piston Insert design unlike most of the alternatives being only 44mm. This larger design Piston contains more Lubricating oil slowing down the oil Temp Increase in Demanding road contions where the Piston is working very hard.All BC BR coilovers Have Visible Large Bump Stops and Piston Dust Boots. 

Height adjustments to lower the vehicle up to 110mm lower than standard ride height( Depending on Application ) for better center of gravity or can be used and set at the OEM ride height. 

All kits come with a Tool bag with Ring spanners For Height Adjustment and basic setup Instructions 

** LARGE 53mm Mono Tube Piston Design 

** CAST Iron Lower Mounts With Strengtheners * Mcpherson Suspension only 

** ABS and Oil line brackets Mounted in O.E Locations 

** 30 points of Damper Adjustment 

** Newly Designed Lock Rings 

** Rebuildable