5x114.3 PCD conversion hubs, Front pair with rotor drill template

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Parts Shop Max 5x114.3 PCD conversion hubs, Front pair with a rotor drill template

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5x114.3PCD conversion (12mm x 1.25 pitch studs), 56mm center, front hubs.
Not compatible with standard model OEM front rotor and caliper.
Must convert to larger brakes.
Directly Compatible with later model GT86 Brembo Brakes.
Requires drilling your 5x100 rotors to 5x114 using provided drill template.
If converting from standard model brakes: Use our caliper option knuckle to mount our reproduction Z32 calipers, both sold separately here.
We include with each front hub set a center punch/drill template for the prerequisite 05-09 Legacy GT rotor (316x30mm $30/pair generic to $170/pair for stop tech & For 5x114.3 rear hubs use 2008 WRX STI model which is a direct fit, $200/pair are both found on rockauto.com If you're uninterested in our roll center, super angle, caliper option knuckle you may use our hub on the original knuckle with an aftermarket big caliper bracket and larger than OEM rotor.
Got it? Here’s what you need to do next: Buy a pair of Legacy GT front rotors and STI rear hubs somewhere & buy our front hub, knuckle, and caliper, or optionally just our hub and some other big brake kit.
You may also choose to buy our rear knuckle/arm combo which does support our matching rear caliper on your stock rotor.